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  EIA Exhibition 2016 - Ukraine
06. May. 2016.       
Between 19th and 22th April 2016 the biggest industrial automation trade show in Ukraine – EIA: Electronics and Industrial Automation 2016 , was held in Kyiv. EIA is a meeting place of producers and suppliers. It is the center of exchange of experience and a source for new partnership, establishment of new contacts, adjustment of cooperation, attraction of investments and expansion of sales markets.
Our partner SBE ”Remix” took part in the event and displayed NIVELCO product range and the latest developed products to the visitors. We thank to all of our Partners who visited us on this event!
  AUTOMATICON 2016 report
06. Apr. 2016.       
AUTOMATICON 2016 Poland’s most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics took place between 1st-4th of March in Warsaw. This was the 22nd in the long history of the event and as usual, the exhibition attracted great interest of specialists from all industries and more than 300 exhibitors from 16 countries. Our subsidiary NIVELCO-POLAND also attended the event.
Our guests were interested in all novelties in the field of level measurement, flow and analytics. Our fully functional level measurement model showing the NIVELCO instruments such as the PiloTREK microwave transmitter during operation was also a great success.
The show was a success reflected by the great number of visitors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visited the show!
  Amper International Trade Fair
2016, Brno
29. Mar. 2016.       
Amper International Trade Fair was held between 21st and 24th March in Brno and this year marked its 24th anniversary and record visit rate. More than 600 exhibitors from 23 countries took part including our czech subsidiary NIVELCO BOHEMIA, s.r.o.
Our sales team presented new and innovative products such as the new NIVOPRESS N plastic borehole level transmitter, the PiloTREK non-contact pulse radar and upcoming series of EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters. On their behalf, we would like to thank all visitors and also to organisation team of Ampér fair.
  NIVELCO group for education
09. Mar. 2016.       
NIVELCO group has always placed great emphasis on supporting education and keep good relationship with technical educational institutions. In 2016 the Romanian subsidiary of NIVELCO, the NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării SRL. donated NIVELCO products in 6700 RON value to the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences.
  Product Overview 2016
12. Feb. 2016.       
With one of the widest portfolios of the process instrumentation industry, NIVELCO publishes its revamped, 2016 Edition Product Overview colour brochure. This tool helps to review the main features, application possibilities and technical data of all NIVELCO instruments.
  SIEE-Pollutec 2016 Exhibition - Africa
08. Feb. 2016.       
The International Exhibition of Equipment, Technologies and Services for Water and Environment SIEE-Pollutec 2016 was held from 1 to 4 February at Safex Algiers.
Our distributor SARL AIPIA was participated in the event and introduced the portfolio of NIVELCO’s level transmitters to the visitors of this well attended exhibition and received feedbacks in their stand from many potential customers.
The show was a success reflected by the great number of visitors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visited the show!
  Product Catalogue 2016
19. Jan. 2016.       
Our new, updated 2016 Edition of Complete Product Catalogue is available to download!
The 198 pages of the catalogue contains:
  • Company Profile
  • Technical data of all our instruments
  • All available order codes
  NIVELCO USA new site
18. Jan. 2016.       
NIVELCO USA, LLC is pleased to announce its recent relocation from shared office spaces in Warrenville, IL to a new, consolidated, facility in Naperville, IL. All NIVELCO USA personnel are now within the same 1100 square foot office, enabling better communications, a conference area and group video conferencing for rep, customer or factory communications.
To date, we have welcome several NIVELCO USA representatives as well as media planning and advertising partners. The new location is close to the I-88 Technology Corridor expressway, about 30 miles west of Chicago and 25 miles south of O’Hare International Airport.

We hope to welcome more representatives, customers and factory personnel in the near future.
1300 Iroquois Dr., Suite 205
Naperville, IL 60563

  Process Instrumentation XV. - Swimming pool water circulation system
12. Jan. 2016.       
The process flow of swimming pool water circulation system is illustrated by the latest of NIVELCO’s animated flow chart series.

The overflowing water from the swimming pool is transferred by gravitational method and collected in a buffer tank. From this buffer tank the water is pumped through filters and then through a heat exchanger before the water returns to the swimming pool.

Instruments suiting this application as per NIVELCO’s recommendation will appear with their full specification when clicking on the appropriate symbol on the chart.
  NIVELCO Magazine 2015/2
22. Dec. 2015.       
The 2015/2 issue of NIVELCO Magazine is published.

From its content:
  • New colours on the NIVELCO instruments
  • Several NIVELCO subsidiaries celebrated anniversary
  • MicroTREK transmitters in the oil industry
    – Spain
  • NIVOMAG level switches in a rail carrier ship
    – USA
  • NIVOPRESS N with plastic housing
  • NIVELCO instruments in Zalakaros Thermal Spa
    – Hungary
  Winter shutdown
01. Dec. 2015.       
Please be informed that also this year NIVELCO will be closed between the

23rd of December 2015 and the 3rd of January 2016

due to winter holidays. We will resume operations on the 4th of January.
According to the shipping terms in our Product Catalogue, if you send your orders till the 7th of December, we should send out your shipments till the 22nd of December. We recommend you to send your orders till the 7th of December to be sure that we can deliver it till the 22nd of December.
Your orders received after this date will be collected here and will be processed on a first come first served basis. Please note that we will start shipping in the 3rd week of 2016 (from 11th of January). During the first weeks of January we can deliver only products that are available from stock. The on-line service by our export staff will be available on the following days: 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th of December.

NIVELCO Export Marketing
  ISOIL conference 2015
29. Oct. 2015.       
ISOIL Industria – a company represented by NIVELCO in several countries - held its ninth sales conference between October 14. and 17. NIVELCO group was represented by the ISOIL contact of the Hungarian headquarters, the sales director of NIVELCO-POLAND, and the senior technical consultant and the sales director of NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării, the Romanian subsidiary of NIVELCO.
In the meeting, new products, development trends and sales strategies were presented and our new contact person was introduced to the colleagues. After the meeting a two-day intensive training was held where we had the opportunity to learn more about the manufacturing processes and the new calibration line.
Our sales numbers increase year by year as a result of the fruitful cooperation. In this year a significant sales increasement - more than 50 percent - is expected regarding the ISOIL products.
  10th anniversary of NIVELCO-Russia
22. Oct. 2015.       
This year, OOO NIVELCO-Rus the Russian subsidiary company of NIVELCO Process Control Co. celebrated its 10th anniversary.
We remember back proudly to the challenges at the beginning and the following successful businesses achieved during the market-building work. The initial task was not easy, but as the result of our hard work and patience received from the management of the NIVELCO group, our growth has not stopped even in the of Russia, or in the borders of Asia.
Thanks to all partners and distributors of OOO NIVELCO-Rus for the efforts contributed to the company group’s results. We continuously provide the suitable background and support as the basis of the future mutual successes.
  RAILF - Romcontrola 2015
16. Oct. 2015.       
Between 14th and 17th October 2015 Association for Automation and Instrumentation in Romania (A.A.I.R.) with Romexpo SA held RAILF-Romcontrola automation and instrumentation exhibition for the 2nd time in Bucharest, Romania.
NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării SRL took part in the event and displayed almost the entire NIVELCO product range and the latest developed products to the visitors.
We thank to all of our Partners who visited us on this event!
  NIVELCO Romania new site
07. Oct. 2015.       
Dear estimated Partners! Thanks to our respectful economical results the Romanian subsidiary of NIVELCO Process Control Co., the NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării SRL. moved to its new headquarters.
This new site allows the modern background to even better service quality. In the future too we will at our Customers’ disposal with experienced staff in our new office.
547530 Sangeorgiu de Mures
17. Narciselor street

  20th anniversary of NIVELCO-POLAND
06. Oct. 2015.       
On 9th and 10th of June NIVELCO-POLAND celebrated its 20th Anniversary of activity. This event was held in the historical city of Cracow. Celebration has a form of Jubilee Seminar where presentation was performed by Mr. Tamás Szőllős CEO of NIVELCO PROCESS CONTROL Ltd. , and owner of the group. Than Dariusz Piszer the Sales Director of the subsidiary showed the short history and performance of NIVELCO-POLAND. After presentations we have a chance to see Cracow and its most interesting places.
All NIVELCO-Poland team is grateful for all its guest who honoured our 20 years’ celebration by their presence.
  AUTOMATION 2015 - India
05. Oct. 2015.       
AUTOMATION 2015 the International Exhibition at Mumbai was another successful participation in Far-East Region by NIVELCO. In 4 days of the fair (24th to 27th August 2015), there was an overwhelming response of more than 500 visitors to NIVELCO stall which displayed almost the entire NIVELCO product range in live working condition.
We thank to all of you visited us on the show and our distributors who always support us on every occasion.
  10 th anniversary of NIVELCO ROMANIA
21. Sep. 2015.       
The Romanian subsidiary of NIVELCO Process Control Co., the NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării SRL. held its 10th anniversary celebration in a pleasant environment, with friendly company and interesting programs. It was a great pleasure to us that we could spend together the gala dinner and the next day’s programs with our business partners, the Group’s management and also colleagues from the Czech and Polish subsidiaries.
During these days we recalled the 10 year long history of NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării, from the beginning up to the present time. Despite the initial difficulties and challenges now we are proud to say that, with a number of successful businesses and valuable experiences, the NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării has become one of the strongest players on the Romanian level measurement market.
We would like to thank to all our Guests who have graced us with their presence, and to the team for their efforts in delivering an outstanding event.
  TAUD Conference and Exhibition USA
04. Sep. 2015.       
On august 12–14, 2015, Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD) held their annual Gatlinburg, Tennessee Conference and Exhibition.
The conference offers ample opportunities for continuing education on both the administration and operational sides of utilities. Over 100 vendors displayed products.
In preparation of this well attended event, the George Paris Company designed and manufactured special displays for NIVELCO demo instruments.
Harry Paris, Michael Campbell and Patrick Beldsoe worked diligently to set-up, install and successfully display a 100% functional data acquisition system. Incorporating NIVELCO Sensors such as NIVOTRACK, EasyTREK, THERMOPOINT, PiloTREK, MicroTREK, NIVOPRESS N and NIVOCONT K, wired to multiple UNICONT modules and MultiCONT.
The Conference and Expo were a huge success and very well attended as always.
  10 th anniversary of NIVELCO BOHEMIA
03. Sep. 2015.       
On 8th of June 2015 NIVELCO BOHEMIA s.r.o., Czech subsidiary of NIVELCO Process Control Co. celebrated its´ 10th anniversary. The celebration took place in famous wineyard U Kapličky located in south Moravia. There were more than 30 customers and business partners invited for the celebration together with top management of NIVELCO Process Control Co. and colleagues from other subsidiaries such as Romania and Poland.
A presentation was held by CEO Tamás Szőllős on topic of company´s history together with a series of presentations by BOHEMIA employees focused mainly on products and new developments. After presentations part had ended, relaxing and fun programs started including bow shooting and segway personal transporters ride with instructor. Dinner was served in form of buffet tables made of traditional dishes and after dinner there was wine tasting organized in the huge wine cellar underground.
Hereby, we would like to thank to all participants for their time and efforts and also to organizers for their support and services. Thank you very much.


  Marine Approval renewal for Level Switches
09. Mar. 2016.       
NIVELCO renewed the BV (Bureau Veritas) marine approval for NIVOMAG MK-200 and NIVOPOINT MZ series magnetic float level switches.
The new approvals are valid until 2021.
  New blue covers for NIVELCO instruments
08. Oct. 2015.       
In the future NIVELCO’s level transmitters and switching devices are manufactured with blue covers for better recognisability instead of the usual off-white colour. The new cover appears both in plastic (PBT) and die-cast aluminium (EN AC 4200) houses.
The new colour does not concern the following devices: EchoTREK S-300/400 ultrasonic level transmitters, NIVOMAG MK magnetic coupling level switches, NIVOPOINT MR magnetic tracking level switches and THERMOCONT TSP temperature sensors.
17. Sep. 2015.

NIVOPRESS N with plastic housing

NIVELCO has been expanded the popular NIVOPRESS N hydrostatic level transmitter family with a new fully plastic housing version using piezoresistive ceramic sensor.

The black plastic, called POM makes NIVOPRESS N borehole transmitters suitable for applications where galvanic corrosion could cause potential damage of stainless steel devices, for example in case of sea water or other saline solutions.
This new housing design is fully made of plastic - unlike the plastic coated stainless steel devices - therefore the diameter of the transmitter not exceeds 24 mm, so it is suitable to use in a 1” tube. The cable coating can be selected from PUR or FEP versions, so the measured medium cannot be in contact with any stainless steel material.
  PiloTREK transmitters with parabolic antenna
23. Jul. 2015.       
The PiloTREK W-100 series Pulse Burst Radars are available to order with stainless steel parabolic antenna. The new DN150 (6”) parabolic antenna design is suitable for the challenges of the materials with low dielectric constant providing a 6 degree sensing cone, which is comparable with the sensing cone of the best of ultrasonics, such as NIVELCO’s Sensonic range of transducers.
  PiloTREK W-100 - integrated type
04. Nov. 2014.       
NIVELCO announces launching a new integrated type in the PiloTREK W-100 Pulse Burst Radar level transmitter family. Besides the cost-savings, this blind version has another great advantage which is the IP68 rated ingress protection providing suitable solution for applications where flood can happen. The integrated plastic housing types can be ordered with plastic encapsulated antenna or with stainless steel horn antenna.
03. Nov. 2014.

NIVOPRESS N with piezoresistive ceramic sensor

The NIVOPRESS N hydrostatic borehole level transmitters have been expanded with new versions in the last few months.

The new NK/NN-400 and ND/NH-400 series are designed especially for the requirements of the water & wastewater industry featuring piezoresistive ceramic sensor. The units have 22 mm (0.85 inch) diameter stainless steel housing and use 4-20 mA + HART output as a standard option.
From now on all NIVOPRESS N transmitters (except the 3/4” threaded types) are equipped with a new stainless steel protecting cap which is more robust and has better resistance against mechanical impacts.
05. May. 2014.

PiloTREK with stainless steel housing

The PiloTREK pulse burst radar level transmitter family have been expanded with a new version in the last few months.

This stainless steel housing type was debuted at the Hannover Messe 2014 trade fair and it meets the special requirements of certain industry segments, such as Food and Beverage, Marine, Oil and Gas.
  New front panel for transmitters
using SAP-300
13. Jan. 2014.       
The transmitters using the latest SAP-300 display module got new front panel along with the SAP-300 plug-in display module itself. The usual black colour of the front panel has been recently changed to blue which can be familiar from the MultiCONT, UNICONT PGK, and the UNICOMM SAK-305 units.
  EView 2 - Configuration Software
11. Dec. 2013.       
NIVELCO′s new EView 2 set-up and configuration software is downloadable free of charge now. The EView 2 is aimed at replacing our EView1, NPCal and PcStar2 programs by integrating and improving their features.
The new EView 2 serves all NIVELCO transmitters old or new and it runs also on computers having the newest 32- or 64-bit Windows versions. The new user interface provides an ease of use tool for transmitter configuration, remote programming and limited monitoring of measurement results.

Main features:
  • Query, edit, load & save transmitter parameters
  • Easy editing for linearisation table entries
  • Echo Map displaying
  • Sensor calibrations
  • Limited trend monitoring
  • Handling basic HART commands in case of non-NIVELCO transmitters
The EView 2 can be downloaded free by clicking on the red arrow. Do not hesitate to give it a try! For further information please contact with the export sales department.
  NIVOCAP CK-100 RF-capacitance level switches
04. Nov. 2013.       
NIVELCO announces launching its high performance Capacitance Level Switch range. The NIVOCAP CK-100 RF (high-frequency) capacitance level switches featuring rigid and flexible probe extensions up to 10m. The most advantageous feature of NIVOCAP CK-100 is that the device is less sensitive to deposits. As a result of that it is excellent choice for adhering and sticky media better than their rival technologies, the vibration or rotary paddle level switches.

Main features:
  • Intelligent electronic level switch
  • Immunity to build-ups
  • Easy calibration, selectable sensitivity
  • Fail-safe operation mode
  • Rod or cable extended versions
  • High temperature version
  • Dust-Ex models
12. Mar. 2013.       
We are pleased to introduce the trial version of NIVELCO's own process visualization software, the NIVISION. Thanks to this demo version most functions such as display options and configuration possibilities of the software can be tried on a visualized example process.

Main features of NIVISION:
  • On-line monitoring of measured values in any industrial process
  • Real-time trend analysis
  • Data logging, database handling, archiving
  • Tank-farm visualization
  • Web access
The demo version can be download by clicking on the red arrow. Do not hesitate to give it a try! For further information and quotes please contact with the export sales department.
  PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar
10. Jan. 2013.       
Embodying the highest standard in Process Control, NIVELCO’s new 25 GHz PiloTREK is your right partner if wishing to measure the level of practically any liquid precisely. We shall prove your challenging application will turn to be a simple task if our PiloTREK is selected.
  • 23 m measuring range
  • ±3 mm accuracy
  • 4-20 mA analogue output
  • Digital HART communication
  • Graphic display
  • Stainless steel or plastic enclosed antennas
  • Plastic or aluminium cast housing
  • Sanitary and high temperature types
  • Explosion-proof versions
  EasyTREK SCA/SCB-300 series discontinued
14. Nov. 2012.       
9 years is a long service life ...
NIVELCO shall phase out its 4-wire EasyTREK SC-300 for liquids range of integrated compact transmitters by the 1st of January 2013.
The 4-wire EasyTREK transmitters served their 9 years well but since the 2-wire EasyTREK SP-300 units are now every bit as highly performing we see no reason to have them in our portfolio.
Rest in peace SCA/SCB-300!
  NIVOTRACK - with titan float
15. Jun. 2012.       
Float selection of NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters has expanded with a new float. The titanium version of the nominal Ø54 mm float will make liquid densities coverable down to 0.55 kg/dm3 using 2" process connection. This low density range was earlier the domain of the large stainless steel ball floats or the cylindrical plastic floats only. Benefitting of the above will the vessels having standard 2" process connections making installation of the large float equipped NIVOTRACK difficult or impossible. Another important news about NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters is that NIVELCO has recently received IEC Ex certificate for the NIVOTRACK series.
21. May. 2012.

NIVOTRACK - Mini type

Mini type of the high precision NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitters is launched!

The instruments can be ordered up to 1.5 m probe length with 1” BSP or NPT process connection. The magnetic float has a 27 mm diameter which can pass through the 1" connection so the device can be installed without removing the float.
The mini type NIVOTRACK transmitters are ideal choice for high accuracy level measurement in pipelines and small tanks.

05. Apr. 2012.


NIVELCO's newest development is the THERMOCONT TXP temperature sensor which is an ideal solution for reliable and accurate temperature measurement of gaseous media in pipelines or tanks. The instruments have heat-sink, strengthened probe and Ex d certified flameproof aluminium cast housing specially designed for the demands of the gas industry.

  Product Award in
MagyarRegula 2012
26. Mar. 2012.       
New development of NIVELCO, the 24 GHz PiloTREK non-contact radar transmitter won the Product Award of the MagyarRegula 2012 exhibition.
The ceremony was held in 20th March, where the award was taken over by Tamás Szőllős, CEO of NIVELCO.
04. Jan. 2012.

Expanding NIVOROTA range

A heat sink equipped version of the NIVOROTA E-700 rotary paddle switch extends its application range for higher temperatures.

While all parameters stay identical with those of the standard type, the temperature limit of the new unit will increase to 200°C enabling coverage of high temperature mediums such as aggregates, hot cement and the likes.

  THERMOPOINT for liquids
02. Jan. 2012.       
The THERMOPOINT multipoint temperature transmitters have been expanded with new executions in the last few months. Along with the plastic coated flexible probe version which is ideal for grains, NIVELCO offers suitable solution for multipoint and average temperature measurement of normal and hazardous liquids.
The flexible stainless steel probe versions are available up to 30m, the rod probe versions up to 3m. The 2-wire HART capable transmitters are ideal for custody measurements where tracking of the volume differences caused by temperature change has key importance.
  Stainless steel housing from NIVELCO
05. Nov. 2011.       
NIVELCO launched its latest development, the stainless steel housing version of UNICONT PDF loop displays / HART converters. The UNICONT PDF-600 series with standard or flameproof (Ex d approved) stainless steel housing meets the special requirements of certain industry segments, such as Food and Beverage, Marine, Oil and Gas. Specifications of the electronics are the same as the well-known PDF-400/500 series.

Main features:
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Wall mountable
  • SAP-200 LCD display
  • 2-wire current loop display version
  • 3-wire 4-20mA + HART transmitter version
  • Ex d protection



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